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Educational Goals

  • Learn public health through actions in the community to improve health
  • Understand and apply basic public health research methods
  • Put science into practice to improve health in our community

Public Health Projects

Public Health University of Vermont College of Medicine

Public Health Projects teaches students to apply the principles and science of public health while working to meet the needs and improve the health of the community.

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Why Public Health?

  • Health issues of today connect the health of patients and populations.
  • Health reform requires skills in population health.
  • Physicians have a role and responsibility in improving public (population) health.
  • Medical students will become better doctors.

Public Health Issues = Community Health Needs

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NEW: Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health

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Community Agency Feedback

Agencies overwhelmingly agree that projects benefit people served by their organization. The demand for projects continues to grow. Reasons community agencies participate:

  • Wanted to influence the training of future health professionals
  • Wanted to make a connection with the University of Vermont
  • Needed additional help
  • Positive prior experience with students!


  • Advocacy for resources
  • Access to Health Care – “eligibility specialist”
  • Community Planning – Seniors
  • Grant proposals
  • Problem solving – e.g. blood donation
  • Public Health Education
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Scholarship

Community Agency Partners

Each year the College of Medicine does 16 community-driven projects. A few of the agencies we have worked with include:

  • Community Health Center of Burlington
  • American Cancer Society
  • Puppets in Education
  • American Red Cross
  • Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf
  • Safe Harbor and COTS
  • YMCA
  • Starr Farm Nursing Center
  • VNA
  • Chittenden East S.U.
  • Vermont Department of Health
  • Woodside Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility
  • Peace and Justice Center of Vermont
  • NeighborKeepers
  • Cathedral Square Corp.
  • Vermont Lung Assoc.
  • Hunger Free Vermont
  • Women Helping Battered Women

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