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Bio for Janet Kahn

Janet Kahn

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry

Contact Information
Office Location:
Mission Reconnect, 240 Maple St, Burlington, VT 05401


Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, Ph.D., Sociology, 1994.
Areas of Concentration: Medical Sociology, Sexuality and Gender, Research Methods
American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1986. AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowship.
Potomac Passage Training Institute, Washington, DC, Diploma, 1987
Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA, Ed.M., 1976.
Concentration in Administration, Planning & Social Policy.
Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH, B.A., Psychology, 1971.
Concentration in Organizational Development

Academic Appointments

2015-Present: University of Vermont. Research Affiliate. Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences, College of Nursing and Health Sciences.
2002-Present: University of Vermont. Research Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.
2000-Present: Harvard Medical School. Faculty Preceptor, Fellowship in Complementary and Alternative and General Medicine.
1997-2000: Wellesley College. Senior Research Scientist, Wellesley Center for Research on Women.
1991-1994: Tufts University. Lecturer and Internship Coordinator, Community Health Program.

Research Grants

2014-2015: Principal Investigator, Victoria Buffum Endowment Fund; $26,557. "Touch, Caring and Cancer at UVM Medical Center" will test the use of an enhanced version of the award winning Touch Caring and Cancer program developed by Dr. William Collinge and Dr. Kahn via SBIR support from the National Cancer Institute. The program provides caregivers of loved ones with cancer in safe touch techniques to reduce symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment.
2012-2015: Co-Principal Investigator on SBIR R44MH088063-02 (W. Collinge, Ph.D.). National Institute on Mental Health; $1,447,807. "Mission Reconnect: Promoting Resilience and Re-Integration of Post-Deployment Veterans and Their Families.”  This Phase 2 SBIR grant is to produce and test an educational intervention that will support recently returned veterans and their relationship partners (spouse, family or friend) with multimedia instruction in cognitive and behavioral processes that promote personal resiliency and relationship reintegration post-deployment.  The program will be evaluated through a four-armed, four-city RCT, comparing it with no program, with a current gold standard program for military spousal support and in combination with that program.
2009-2014: Co-Investigator on 1R01AT004411-01A2 (Karen Sherman, Ph.D.); National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine; $2,446,412. “Dosing Study of Massage for Neck Pain.”  This study will determine the optimal dose of therapeutic massage for chronic neck pain by evaluating three key components of optimal dosing: length of each treatment session, frequency of treatments per week, and the total treatment period. This is the first dosing study of massage and will serve as a model for future dosing studies of massage and bodywork.  
9/01/05-8/31/09: Co-Investigator on 1RO1 AT001927 (Dan Cherkin, Ph.D.), National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine; $2,100,000. "Is Relaxation Massage an Effective Treatment for Chronic Pain?" This study investigates the effectiveness of two distinct forms of therapeutic massage in reducing short and long-term pain and dysfunction due to low back pain.
8/1/04-7/30/06: Principal Investigator. MTI Foundation. "Massage Clients' Perceptions of the Effects of Massage." This qualitative investigation is designed to gather data on the effects of massage noticed by clients in the student clinics of ten massage schools across the US and Canada.
Pending Research Activity:

9/1/06-8/31/09: Co-Investigator.  Phase 2 of SBIR R43CA103606-01 (William Collinge, Ph.D.), National Cancer Institute. "Couples and Cancer: Building Partner Efficacy in Caring."
("Couples -- Care Options Uniting Partners Living with Empowerment and Support") to train the partners of cancer patients in selected complementary therapies for use in caregiving at home.
4/1/04-3/3/07: Co-Investigator on 1R21CA098487-01 (Russ Phillip, M.D.). National Cancer Institute. "Massage for Hospitalized Patients with Metastic Cancer." This developmental research grant will test two interventions- professional massage for people with metastic cancer, and massage training for the loved ones of those patients.