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Bio for Thomas Achenbach, Ph.D.
Thomas Achenbach, Ph.D.

Thomas Achenbach, Ph.D.

Department of Psychiatry

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Office Location:
University Health Center, St. Joseph, Room 3211, 1 South Prospect St., Burlington, Vermont 05401, USA


1962: Yale University, BA Major: Psychology

Heidelberg University, Major: History and Political Science

University of Minnesota, Ph.D., Major: Psychology, Minor: Child Psychology

  Postdoctoral Clinical Training, Yale Child Study Center


1975-1980 Research Psychologist, GS-15. Laboratory of Developmental Psychology National Institute of Mental Health

Assistant to Associate Professor, Yale University Dept. of Psychology and Child Study Center, Co-principal Investigator, NIMH Research Grant HD-03008.

Director, Graduate Training Program in Developmental Psychology, and Director, NIMH Research Training Grant 5T01 MH-06759, Dept. of Psychology, Yale University

Social Science Research Council Senior Faculty Fellowship for work with Professor Jean Piaget, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Research Staff Psychologist, Dept. of Psychology and Child Study Center, Yale University, Co-Principal Investigator, NIMH Grant HD-MH-03008; research on intellectual development in normal, retarded, and disturbed children; clinical work in psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy. 

NICHD Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. of Psychology and Child Study Center, Yale University, Clinical training in psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy with children; research on learning strategies in normal and retarded children.

NIMH Predoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota, Research with Professor Norman Garmezy on child psychiatric symptomatology and with Professor Harold Stevenson on children’s learning strategies.

Awards and Honors

Angier Prize for Research in Psychology
B.A. summa cum laude & Honors with Exceptional Distinction
Phi Beta Kappa
Sigma Xi
Woodrow Wilson Fellow (honorary)
American Men and Women of Science
Fellow of the American Psychological Association Divisions 7, 12, 37, and 53
Fellow of the American Psychopathological Association; University Scholar Award from the University of  Vermont, 1991-92
Distinguished Contribution Award from the AmericanPsychological Association Section on Clinical Child Psychology, 1993
Institute for Scientific Information Most Highly Cited in World Psychiatry/Psychology Literature


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* Indicates refereed journal