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Bio for Richard Branda, M.D.
Richard Branda, M.D.

Richard Branda, M.D.

Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, Emeritus

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University of Wisconsin, Madison,  1962  B.S.
Harvard University Medical School, 1966 M.D.


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Branda, R.F., Powden, C., Brooks, E.M., Yildirim, Z., Naud, S.J., McCormack, J.J. Vitamin E but not St. John’s wort mitigates leucopenia caused by cancer chemotherapy in rats. Translational Research 148:315-324 (2006).

Branda, R.F., Naud, S.J., Brooks, E.M., Chen, Z., Muss, H.  The effect of vitamin B12, folate and dietary supplements on breast cancer chemotherapy-induced mucositis and neutropenia.  CANCER 101:1058-64 (2004).

Nicklas, J.A., Brooks, E.M., Hunter, T.C., Single, R., Branda, R.F., Development of a quantitative PCR (TaqMan®) assay for mitochondrial DNA copy number and the common mitochondrial DNA deletion in the rat. Environ. Mol. Mutagenesis 44:313-320 (2004).

Branda, R.F., Brooks, E.M., Chen, Z., Naud, S.J., Nicklas, J.A. Dietary modulation of mitochondrial DNA deletions and copy number after chemotherapy in rats. Mutation Res. 501:29-36 (2002).