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Vermont Integrated Curriculum

Level 3 - Advanced Integration

Level 3 provides students with additional responsibilities for patient care including two acting internships, a surgical subspecialty roatation, and clinical and/or non-clinical electives. Students also fulfill a requirement for scholarly work in teaching or research.

Level 3: Advanced Intergration
Mar Apr May Jun Jul
Year 3
Acting Internship in Internal Medicine Surgical Subspecialties Emergency Medicine Selective
Level 3: Advanced Intergration
July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Year 4
Step 2 Exams Preparation & Completion
Selective (S*) Vacation Teaching Practicum or Scholarly Project Acting Internship Interview/
(S*) (S*) (S*) (S*) Transitions & Presentations


Highlights of Level 3 - Advanced Integration

  • Additional Time for Career Exploration - Early board exams allows more time to explore different clinical rotations before making the decision to focus on a specialty.
  • Teaching & Research - provide students with basic skills in teaching and evaluation in a "coached" environment, to revisit foundation sciences by teaching or scholarly activity and to reinforce longitudinal integration in the VIC by revisiting foundation sciences with clinical perspective.

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