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Clinical Experiences

Clinical Experiences

Clinical ExperiencesFrom first year to fourth, our medical students receive hands-on clinical training to acquire the skills necessary to become practice-ready physicians. These skills are introduced during the student’s first venture into the medical school curriculum and then taught and evaluated during all four years of their medical school experience.

Clerkship Rotations

The Clerkship Year is designed to build on competencies acquired in Foundations to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for clinical care and decision-making in a variety of medical settings. The year is composed of 8 clerkships which are departmentally-based and provide clinical experiences supported by structured educational programs, and a four week longitudinal Bridge Clerkship. Upon completion of this level, students complete a summative clinical skills exam. This is a total of 49 weeks of required clerkships, and 3 weeks of vacation.

Clerkship Weeks of Instruction
Family Medicine 6
Inpatient Medicine 6
Neurology 3.5
Outpatient Medicine 3.5
Pediatrics 7
Psychiatry 6
Surgery 7

Student Designed Clinical Rotations: Go Where You Wanna Go

Beginning in March of the third year, UVM students begin Advanced Integration, which allows students to shape their own professional development. Students design their own rotations in specialties and geographical areas they want to explore further---from urban hospitals to international locales. And because these rotations begin in April and May of the third year, UVM students have a broader array of clinical rotations across the country from which to choose than their counterparts in more traditional curriculums.

International Rotations

Many students take part in student-designed international rotations during their fourth year. Keeping in touch during rotations away from Vermont is facilitated through the use of online COMET modules developed by the Larner College of Medicine, which supplement the clinical experience and ensure consistent development of core knowledge for all students.

A Sampling of Recent International Rotations
Family Medicine Nigeria, Bangkok, Haiti, Trinidad, Taiwan, Liberia, Norway, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia
Cardiology Norway, Taiwan
Global Health Nepal, Gambia, Uganda
Medicine India, Vietnam, Mexico, Albania, China, Kenya
Tropical Medicine Peru
Pediatrics India, Uganda, Cambodia, Saipan, Nepal
Medical Spanish Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico


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