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Diverse Clinical Experience

As a UVM student you will gain crucial clinical experience at a variety of in and outpatient settings and locations--from rural settings to urban centers located throughout the country and around the world.

Vermont Clerkship Sites

The University of Vermont Medical Center, located adjacent to the medical school campus, is a regional resource and referral center for a service area of one million people in Vermont and northeastern New York that logs more than one million in and out patient visits each year. The University of Vermont Medical Center is comprised of: a tertiary-level referral medical center hospital, a large multi-specialty outpatient clinic, 22 satellite facilities including primary care locations. Clerkship rotations include Surgery, Inpatient Medicine, Ambulatory Medicine, Family Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Ob-Gyn.

Medical students experience the range of The University of Vermont Medical Center capabilities, including state-of-the-art cardiology,radiology, and renal dialysis services,kidney and whole pancreas transplant programs, MRI and Computed Tomographic (CT) services. Facilities also include neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, adult and pediatric Level 1 trauma service.

The University of Vermont Children's Hospital was established in 2002 as a full-service pediatric hospital-within-a-hospital. It includes all areas at The University of Vermont Medical Center where children are treated -- from the maternity unit to the Emergency Department, from our Children's Specialty Center to our pediatric primary care clinics.

Maine Clerkship Site

Eastern Maine Medical Center, located in Bangor, serves communities throughout central, eastern, and northern Maine. Under community direction, it has grown from a five-bed general hospital into a comprehensive, 411-bed medical center. The medical center and its medical staff of more than 300 physicians provide three-quarters of the primary-care hospital services offered in the Bangor area, as well as specialty and intensive services to the northern two-thirds of the state.

Connecticut Clerkship Site

Danbury Hospital is a 371-bed regional medical center and university teaching hospital located in Danbury, CT. Danbury provides centers of excellence in cardiovascular services, cancer, weight loss surgery, orthopedic and spine care, digestive disorders and radiology.Clerkship rotations include Surgery, Inpatient Medicine, Ambulatory Medicine, Family Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Ob-Gyn. Housing is provided.

Florida Clerkship Site

St. Mary's Medical Center, located in West Palm Beach Florida, offers a broad spectrum of outstanding medical care, including an acclaimed pediatric program and services at their Children's Hospital. Other quality services include trauma, stroke, orthopedics and obstetrics. Clerkship rotations include Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn. Housing is provided. More on West Palm Beach, FL

Student Designed Clinical Rotations: Go Where You Wanna Go

Beginning in March of the third year, UVM students begin Advanced Integration, which allows students to shape their own professional development. Students design their own rotations in specialties and geographical areas they want to explore further---from urban hospitals to international locales. And because these rotations begin in April and May of the third year, UVM students have a broader array of clinical rotations across the country from which to choose than their counterparts in more traditional curriculums.

International Rotations

Many students take part in student-designed international rotations during their fourth year. Keeping in touch during rotations away from Vermont is facilitated through the use of online COMET modules developed by the College of Medicine, which supplement the clinical experience and ensure consistent development of core knowledge for all students.

Some examples of overseas rotations designed and completed by students over the past few years include:
A Sampling of Recent International Rotations
Family Medicine Nigeria, Bangkok, Haiti, Trinidad, Taiwan, Liberia, Norway, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia
Cardiology Norway, Taiwan
Global Health Nepal, Gambia, Uganda
Medicine India, Vietnam, Mexico, Albania, China, Kenya
Tropical Medicine Peru
Pediatrics India, Uganda, Cambodia, Saipan, Nepal
Medical Spanish Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico

A medical students look back on a rotation in Haiti

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