Date and Time: Friday, April 5, 7:30pm
Venue: UVM Recital Hall
Address: 384 South Prospect Street, Burlington, VT 05405
Tickets: $30 Adult | $5 Student

Pre-Show Talk with Artists in Hall at 6:30pm

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“…gorgeously harmonized songs, many of them a cappella, with convoluted passages of eerie dissonance” --- The New York Times


The Georgian Men’s Choir, Iberi, was a surprise favorite at this year’s proving ground for bands from all corners of the world: globalFEST.  Choral music from the country of Georgia is traditionally sung by men in three vocal ranges. It is complex, surprising, and one of the earliest polyphonic traditions in the world. Lane Director Natalie Neuert was at their globalFEST concert in New York City and came away thinking that she had never heard anything quite like this music with its colorful modulations and astonishing key changes. The intricate sound includes gorgeously rich, shifting blocks of improvisational harmony, sometimes with wild, crowing falsetto over the intense basses and ethereal tenors. Iberi performs in traditional dress (complete with swords) and incorporates elements of dance and traditional instruments into its concerts. The Recital Hall acoustics will showcase the magic qualities of their sound.