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Carriage Barns and Garages

Prior to the introduction of the automobile, horse-drawn carriage were stored in carriage barns. When cars began replacing carriages in the early 20th century, the entire design of the house and lot began to change. As cars became increasingly more dominant in the daily lives of Americans, the garage became a more dominant feature of the house. A lot can be learned from the changing garage styles. Houses often remain fairly unchanged for decades, but many Americans continue to update their garages to suit their needs. Therefore, the garage may be a more accurate tool for dating an historic image.

Click on the thumbnail below that closely resembles the garage or carriage barn in your historic image.

Detached Semi-Attached
Detatched Semi-Attached
Attached with Overhead Doors Fully Attached
Overhead Door Fully Attached
Carriage Barn
Carriage Barn
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