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Connect to network drives and shared content

  • My Documents, S: and H: drives: there are several methods for connecting to CAMPUS Active Directory file services. Choose the best method that applies to your computer and network setup.
  • SharePoint: connections to SharePoint sites are not much different off-campus than from on-campus. Simply navigate to the SharePoint site using bookmarks, links from other web pages, or typing the address in manually. When prompted for a name and password, enter campus\yourNetID for the user name and your normal NetID password for the password.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN

UVM's Virtual Private Network (VPN) software simulates an on-campus presence for your computer. This is useful for connecting to some on-campus only services or external resources that require a UVM-validated network address, such as certain library catalogs. It also encrypts all network traffic between you and UVM.

Install and use the Cisco AnyConnect software simply by going to, signing on with your UVM NetID and password, and following the on-screen instructions. If, for whatever reason, this method does not work for you, then you can download the AnyConnect installer from the UVM Software Archive.

***PLEASE NOTE*** As of May 7, 2018, access to the UVM VPN will require Duo Multifactor Authentication
The Tech Team Knowledge Base has instructions for enrolling in Duo Security and using Duo to access the VPN.

Telephone Forwarding

Your UVM telephone number can be forwarded to your computer, home or cellular phone. Contact UVM Telecommunications for more information and authorization.

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