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How do I or my guest(s) connect to GuestNet?

  1. Ensure your device's wireless adapter is turned on if it has a hardware switch.
  2. Connect to the UVM Guest network.
  3. Open a web browser and browse to any site on the Internet, such as This will present you with the GuestNet registration page.
    Important: Only a regular website request (HTTP) will result in the GuestNet registration page appearing. Attempting to connect to a secure website (HTTPS), e-mail, instant messaging services, etc will fail until you open a web browser and register for a GuestNet permit.
  4. Complete and submit the web form at the GuestNet registration page using your sponsor-supplied credentials.
    Note: Be careful to type the username and password exactly as specified (including "special characters")
  5. You should be presented with a page granting a GuestNet permit and offering to redirect you to your original site request. You should now be able to connect to Internet-based services as usual. If you experience any problems while registering or using this service, please see the section at the bottom of the page here for support contact information.

Important Notes

  • While the content of your traffic on the GuestNet network is not monitored, your device's "last active" time is monitored. If your device is idle (does not send or receive any network traffic) for 30 minutes, your GuestNet permit will be automatically expired. This only means that the next time you need to access the Internet, you will need to repeat step 3 & 4 from above.
  • Ensure you are connecting to the UVM Guest network. This is the only network where your GuestNetID will be valid. Attempting to connect to other networks will fail.
  • If you or your guest are receiving an authentication failure error, ensure you are typing the username and password exactly as they appear from the GuestNet account page.

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