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Ensuring complete closure of web browser applications

When logged in to password-secured web pages, be it university web applications like the myUVM portal or your bank's online banking interface, complete and successful logout can often only be achieved by fully exiting the web browser. In some cases, closing all browser windows may only give the appearance of fully exiting the browser while a background window or process is still keeping the browser "open" and your security potentially compromised.

Note that in some browsers, Exit or Quit can differ from Close in the context of browser windows and menu commands; Close will often close one window, leaving other open browser windows untouched, while Exit or Quit will attempt to close all open browser windows at once. This behavior is not consistent between web browsers, however, so be sure to double check that the desired effect was achieved when selecting one of those commands.

Microsoft Windows applications

  • Click the File menu and select Exit.
  • For applications that seemingly do not have a File menu (such as Internet Explorer 7 and 8), you may right-click the application in the task bar and choose Close window or Close all windows when multiple windows exist.

Macintosh OS X applications

  • Click the application's name in the upper left menu and choose Quit.

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