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Unix Shell Access

UVM faculty, staff and students all receive Unix shell access with their NetID. Don't let its "old school"-looking command prompt fool you; a shell account is a powerful utility that can be utilized for a variety of tasks, including email reading, text editing, running program and scripts, transferring files, or file organization, maintenance and recovery.

Changing your default shell

The zoochsh shell command allows UVM NetID account holders to change their Zoo account shells. This may be useful for addressing issues that can occur with SFTP and accounts running older shells, or may be used to switch to a shell based on personal preference.

Running zoochsh

  1. To run the zoochsh command, you must first connect to Zoo with an SSH (Secure SHell) client.
    • Microsoft Windows users may download an SSH client from the UVM Software Archive. Configure the software to connect to the server address:
      using your UVM NetID and password.
    • Mac OS X users can use the included Terminal application located in the Applications : Utilities folder. Run the command:
      ssh [netid]
      replacing [netid] with your UVM NetID.
  2. Once connected to zoo, type:

    at the prompt. The list of available shells will be displayed:

    Current available shells:
    [netid's] current login shell:
    [your current shell]
    Change (yes) or (no)? >
  3. Type yes to select a different shell, or no to keep your current shell.
    Change (yes) or (no)? > yes
  4. If you entered yes to change your shell, you'll next be asked to enter the shell's path:
  5. Enter the path as it appears in the above list. If you're not certain which shell you should be using, ETS recommends using the /bin/bash shell.
  6. Once selected, you should see confirmation that your shell has been changed:
    Shell changed to "/bin/bash" for "[netid]".
  7. Type exit to end your SSH session.

You're finished! You may now close your SSH client.

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