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VOSHA Training for UVM Faculty and Staff

Already completed UVM’s VOSHA: Protecting Community Health & Safety Training?

If you have already completed this training and retained a copy of your Completion Certificate, you do not need to complete the training again.

Questions about the training? Trouble logging in?

If you have questions related to the training content or the requirements contained within the training, please email covid.training@uvm.edu.

For assistance logging in or navigating the instructions in this guide, please Submit a Help Ticket.

Find more information here: UVM Protecting Community and Health Links

Step 1: Register/Enroll in BlackBoard

  1. Visit bb.uvm.edu and sign in with your UVM NetID and password
  2. In the Organization Search box, enter VOSHA, then click Go.
  3. Hover your mouse over the Organization ID (COMPL_VOSHA_202004), then click the chevron icon () and click Enroll.
  4.  Click Submit in the bottom right corner.
  5. Click OK.You will be brought to the course page.

Step 2: Review the Training Materials

On the Course Page, click on the attached PDF file in the VOSHA Training (PDF) section. This is the slideshow that you need to go through.

Access the Training in an Alternative Format

If you are having trouble opening or viewing the PDF, you can access the training in an alternative format.

  1. Click the down arrow () next to the A for a list of available formats.
  2. Select the forma that best meets your needs, then click Download.

Step 3: Take the Quiz

This quiz can be retaken if needed.

After you have reviewed the slideshow, click on the section marked Quiz for VOSHA Training on the Course Page.

Step 4: Retain a copy of your Certificate

You will be unable to view your completion certificate until you have successfully passed the quiz.
  1. After you have passed the quiz, click Start Here from the left side menu
  2. View your certificate by clicking Completion Certificate from the left side menu, or by clicking the link in the section marked Certificate Section.
  3. In the My Achievements section, you will see a badge for the VOSHA Training Certificate. Click the printer icon to view and then print or save your Certificate.
  4. Your Certificate will look like this.

When your Certificate is open, print it, or save a copy. You may be required to share your Certificate with your supervisor before you can return to work.

Option 1: Scan the Certificate using OneDrive. Please follow the instructions in our dedicated guide: www.uvm.edu/it/kb/article/onedrive-scan/

Option 2: Print it to a printer (see step 3 above)

Option 3: Print it to a file or save a local copy to your laptop/computer

Option 4: Take a screenshot

Option 5: Take a picture of your screen with your device (smartphone or tablet)

Updated on August 19, 2020

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