Tech TA Training

This training was developed for Teaching Assistants (TAs) to gain knowledge of classroom equipment and technology, along with guidance for effective communication with instructors and the Tech Team. TAs self-enroll in a Blackboard Organization space, complete the self-paced training, and (when successfully finished) receive a Certificate of Completion they can save or print and provide to a supervisor.

Enroll in the Tech TA Training

Have your TA follow the instructions for Self-Enrolling in a Blackboard Organization. In Step 2, use the name Tech TA Training to search for the Blackboard Organization.

Locate the Tech TA Training

Once self-enrolled, TAs can find the Tech TA Training in the “My Organizations” section of their Blackboard landing page (, which is located in the center of the page (to the right of “My Courses” and below announcements).

Complete the Tech TA Training

TAs should complete the training by following the left menu in this sequence:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Orientation Video
  3. Training Module
  4. Required Knowledge Check Quiz
  5. Certificate of Completion

Each section has specific instructions and guidance.

The Certificate of Completion is auto-generated when a TA earns at least a 90% score on the Required Knowledge Check Quiz.

Who to Contact with Questions

For questions about the Tech TA Training, contact the Center for Teaching & Learning at

For technical questions about classroom equipment, contact the UVM Tech Team.

Other TA Trainings

There are additional TA Training Modules that you may want to utilize related to pedagogy and instructional software.

Updated on September 21, 2021

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