TA Training Modules

These modules are designed to be implemented by faculty to train their TAs (undergraduate and/or graduate). They were built and are meant to be deployed in Blackboard.

The module topics

  • Teaching Skills: Facilitating Discussions
  • Teaching Skills: Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • Teaching Skills: Considerations for Grading Student Work
  • Technology Skills: Blackboard Orientation
  • Teaching & Technology Skills: Blackboard Discussion Board & Facilitating Online Discussions
  • Technology Skills: Grading Papers with Blackboard’s Assignment Tool
  • Technology Skills: Blackboard Tests
  • Technology Skills: Blackboard Grade Center
  • Technology Skills: Teaching with Teams

Note – If you are looking for training for TAs to assist with classroom technology, use the self-enrolled, self-paced Tech TA Training, instead.

To use these modules

  1. Identify where you will be deploying these Modules for your TAs. These Modules should be imported into a Blackboard training space for TAs.If your TAs are earning credit, you already have a Blackboard space you can use.

    If your TAs are not earning credit, please contact your unit’s Blackboard Organization Admin to create a non-credit Blackboard space to deploy these modules.

    If you are uncertain who your unit’s Blackboard Organization Admin person is, please inquire by emailing blackboard@uvm.edu.

  2. Use the Chrome or Firefox browser to download this .zip file: ExportFile_CTL_LC_20190604_20210520064109. Make sure your computer does NOT unzip the file. Don’t try to open the file. Simply download it.
  3. Import the file you downloaded in Step 2 from your computer’s downloads into your Blackboard TA training space identified in Step 1. Note: When you import, leave settings as default and “Select All” to bring in the content.
  4. Once imported, you’ll see a new Content Area on your Course Menu for Training Modules. You may want to “hide” the link until you have made modifications. The import will also bring in Discussion Forums, a Blog, a Wiki, an Assignment, a Test, and Grade Center columns affiliated with the Modules.
  5. Click on the Discussion Board link in your left menu. The first time you do so, a pop-up will ask you what to do with pre-populated Threads. Choose “No, leave the messages as anonymous.”
  6. Click on the Training Modules Course Menu link.
  7. Determine if you want to hide or delete any Modules (or any items/activities within specific Modules).Note: These Modules were built using Blackboard’s “Learning Modules,” which present information to students sequentially. To view the Modules as one of your TAs will, turn editing off or enter Student Preview mode.
  8. For the Modules you will be using, read through them carefully. You can edit any of the items to suit your needs. There are facilitator notes in some of the modules. Once you’ve completed the steps for the facilitator, delete the facilitator notes, so as to not confuse your TAs.
  9. Subscribe to any Forums if you’d like to be notified of activity via email.
  10. Set deadlines for your TAs to complete work.
  11. Some Modules will take longer than others. Some are more “self-service” and some require instructor/trainer guidance.
  12. Please reach out to the CTL with questions: ctl@uvm.edu.
Updated on August 19, 2021

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