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Blackboard – Self-Enrolling in a Non-Credit Blackboard Space

Users with a NetID can self-enroll in a non-credit organization space on Bb. Self-enrollment is the only way to join an organization space.

  1. Go to https://bb.uvm.edu and log in with your UVM NetID.
  2. Search for the organization name (or a word from that name) in the Organization Search box on right side of the landing page.  Arrow pointing to organization search box.
  3. Hover your mouse over the name, and click on the grey button that appears to the right.Arrow pointing to button to enroll.
  4. Select Enroll.
  5. Click Submit.

If you are an organization leader or domain administrator, you can create a link that simplifies the steps for others to self-enroll.

  1. Follow the steps 1-4 above for the course you want the link to, but do not click the Submit button.
  2. Copy the URL from the address bar in your browser.
  3. Paste this link into an email or other communication to students/participants, and instruct them to:
    1. Log into Bb with their UVM NetID.
    2. Copy and paste that link into their browser’s address bar.
  4. Once participants have reached that page , they can proceed by clicking on the Submit button.
Updated on September 21, 2020

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