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Redirect UVM Email to a Different Account

This guide is intended for UVM or Larner College of Medicine users who would like redirect email from their UVM Exchange account (@uvm.edu) to another UVM (@uvm.edu) or Larner College of Medicine Exchange account (@med.uvm.edu).

Faculty, Staff, and other Employees should not forward their UVM emails to a non-UVM email service.

UVM Information Security Policy states that Protected University Information must NOT be stored on any non-UVM device or service (e.g, Gmail).

Protected University Information includes but is not limited to Protected Personal Data (PPD), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), and Protected Student Information (FERPA). Read the policy here.

Follow the steps below to create a mail rule that redirects UVM email to a different account:

  1. Visit https://mail.uvm.edu and sign in with your UVM NetID and passwordwebauth
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner, then select Options2
  3. Under Mail -> Automatic Processing, select Inbox and sweep rules3
  4. Create a new rule by clicking the plus icon.
  5. Create a descriptive name for your inbox rule. In this example, we chose “Redirect all email to @med.uvm.edu”
  6. Specify the conditions for when your rule will be applied. In this example, we want every message to be redirected, so we chose [Apply to all messages]5
  7. This step specifies which actions will be performed. Under Move, copy, or delete, select Delete the message.
    The Delete the message action is in place for housekeeping purposes

    This action deletes the message from your UVM email account after the message has been redirected to your other email address, and is important for reducing inbox clutter.

  8. Click Add action to add another action to this rule7
  9. This action will perform the message redirection. Under Forward, redirect, or send, select Redirect the message to.
    Don't choose Forward the message to...

    For proper functionality of the rule, be sure to Redirect the message.

  10. Next to the Redirect the message to… field, enter the target email address, then click Save.
    Not finding your address when you Search for it?

    If you’re redirecting to a non-UVM email address, searching for your non-UVM address may yield no results. Instead, just enter your email address next to the Redirect the message to… field.

  11. Your new Inbox rule settings should look similar to the image below. Once you’ve verified your settings are accurate, click OK.
  12. Lastly, you’ll receive a warning about editing mail rules using Outlook Web app. Click OK to save your inbox rule.
  13. At this point, you’ve successfully set up email forwarding from your UVM Account to another UVM or LCOM address! To test this, you can send an email from a completely different account to your UVM account.
    Testing by sending a message from your UVM account will not work

    Sending mail to your @uvm.edu account from your @med.uvm.edu or from the same @uvm.edu will not work for testing. The Exchange mail server would interpret a message as a potential mail loop, and responds by ignoring redirect rules.

Updated on February 25, 2022

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