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Microsoft Teams – Using quick polls to foster student engagement

How to create a quick poll to engage students in MS Teams class meetings

MS Teams integrates with Microsoft Forms allowing you to quickly initiate interactive polling during a class meeting. These polls can give instructors and facilitators a sense of how students are understanding the materials in “real-time.”

If your Teams software is updated, you will notice that meetings now pop open a separate window from the main Teams page. (The steps listed here will be simplified once Teams adds the Forms icon to the pop-up meeting chat space.) For now:

  1. If you are posting a poll in the class channel meeting, you must click on the General channel within the Course Team and then select Posts at the top of the window. The same Forms icon will be available in the REPLY area of the current meeting. See the image under “step 2” below.
  2. Look for the REPLY button as shown in the screenshot. This will allow you to click on it and access the Forms button which starts a quick poll within your meeting chat.
  3. Click on that Forms icon to see the “Create a new poll” pop-up window.See image of poll window. (Click the X on top/right to return to this page.)
  4. In the poll window, you can type in a brief question and type in the options for the multiple-choice or multiple answer responses.
    • TIP: Since polls have to be created in-the-moment during your session, here’s a way to make this more efficient: Plan ahead by placing the question and its possible answers (up to 6 options) on a Powerpoint slide that you can display to the class in the meeting. Then, when you make your on-the-fly poll, enter a simplified question, like a keyword, and list the answer options that students will see simply as “A, B, C…” (or 1-6 if you prefer). Students will be looking at the slide to read the answer options and they can click the corresponding letter in the poll, in the chat window, for their answer. See example of how poll displays in the meeting chat.
    • You will see the “real-time” results in the chat window of the meeting as the students reply. The students will also see the results in the chat window.
  5. The quick poll settings are set to default settings. They can not be changed while you are creating the poll. So be aware that student names are recorded when using a quick poll.  When you visit the quick poll results in Http://forms.office.com, you can see the default settings below.     

To view poll results in MS Forms online

To view poll data after class:

  1. Open a browser and type “office.com” into the address bar.
  2. Select Microsoft Login.
  3. Use your UVM login (netid@uvm.edu) and password.
  4. Click on “Forms” in the list of applications.
  5. Click on the Form you wish to view.

Follow these directions from Microsoft on how to see responses and download an Excel file.

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Updated on September 21, 2020

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