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Blackboard – Find Your Grades and Feedback

This article is to help students see where they can locate their grades and feedback on Blackboard assignments and tests.

Finding Grades in Blackboard

This video is less than one minute long and has no audio track.

Alternatively, follow these instructions:

For Blackboard Assignments:

  1. In your course, click on My Grades
  2. Click View Rubric if you see a link for that, or
  3. Click title of Assignment
  4. You should see your assignment displayed. If your instructor left feedback, click the feedback icons in your document
  5. To go back to My Grades, click “OK

For a Blackboard Test() or quiz)

  1. Click My Grades
  2. Click on the test’s title
  3. See the “Calculated Grade” on the right
  4. Click ON that grade to see more details. (Your instructor decides how much information you can see about right and wrong answers, etc.)
Updated on September 21, 2020

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