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FAMIS Self-Service Access

FAMIS Self-Service is a web-application used to submit maintenance and service requests for office and building needs and concerns.

Most Staff and Faculty can access FAMIS using their UVM NetID and password. Students and temporary employees do not have access to FAMIS by default.

Submit a FAMIS request

VPN Required for Off-Campus Sign In

Be sure to connect to the UVM VPN using Cisco AnyConnect when accessing FAMIS while off campus.

Request Access to FAMIS Self-Service

To request access, your supervisor may email Physical Plant Service Operations Support at sos@uvm.edu.

Submitting a FAMIS Self-Service Request

  1. Visit https://www.uvm.edu/famis and log in with your UVM NetID and Password.  
  2. Click the Services Requests button. 
  3. Click Create Service Request.
  4. Verify that your contact information is accurate, then click Next.
  5. Select Frequently Requested Services.
  6. Search through the list of Frequently Requested Services.
    1. If you see your desired service, select it and skip to step 10. Otherwise, select New Web Request *Create your own request* and continue to the next step.
  7. Click the magnifying glass to under the Chart of Accounts column
  8. Select STANDARD. This will appropriately set the fields in the Service Details screen.
  9. Fill in the remaining Service Details, then click Next.
    1. We recommend doing so by clicking the magnifying glass icon for each column, and selecting the appropriate values in the dropdown lists. If you choose to fill these sections manually, be aware that a tilde (~) is required between certain segments

      The BU~Proj. ID~Proj. Act field is optional. If you don’t use these, you can safely leave them blank.

    2. Pct” – percentage of budget to cover cost, for one (enter 100%) or multiple chart-strings (= 100%) per request
  10. Fill out the Work Description, then click Next.
    1. If you wish to include additional details regarding specific dates and times, feel free to include these in the Description of Work section.
  11. Select and populate the Site, Building, Floor, and Room sections to indicate the specific location where work is requested.

    Buildings are listed by building number rather than by name in FAMIS Self-Service.

    1. Click the Building button in your FAMIS Self-Service Request.
    2. Clicking the Description link above the right-most column will sort buildings by street number and building name in alphabetical order. Find and select the appropriate building.
    3. Finish identifying the location by choosing the appropriate Floor and Room number, then click NEXT.
  12. Review your request information, then click FINISH.
  13. Take note your Service Request (SR) Number for future reference
    1. If desired, attach files your Service Request
  14. With your request complete, you can click the “Logout” link

For additional assistance with creating a request in FAMIS Self-Service, visit the Physical Plant website.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Can't Login to FAMIS - CAS Or Oracle SSO error

If you receive the “To use CAS Or Oracle SSO authentication, you must set the User Name SSO field to <netid> for the Self Service users” error show below, you do not have access to FAMIS Self-Service.

To request access, your supervisor may email Physical Plant Service Operations Support at sos@uvm.edu.

Updated on April 14, 2021

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