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Uploading a Syllabus

There is a syllabus link pre-loaded in the Course Menu to an empty Content Area that you can decide how to fill. You have the option to either present your syllabus so that it can be read within Blackboard (See figure #1, below) or attach a file (usually a .pdf or .docx). In the latter instance, students click a link to download the file and then view it with common software such as Adobe Acrobat or MSWord. (See figure #2, below.)

To add content to your syllabus page, follow the same process as adding any content:

  1. First, go to your syllabus page (or other content area page) and click the “Build Content” button
  2. Then, there are the two options: if you want the syllabus to display readably within the Blackboard framework (as in Figure #1 below), follow step “A.” Follow step “B” if you want students to download a syllabus file as a .pdf or .docx (as in Figure #2 below).
    1. Under “Build Content” choose, “Create Item,” give it a title and paste the syllabus text into the text window. To avoid formatting problems, it’s recommended that you first create the text outside of Blackboard (using a plain text editor such as Notepad or SimpleText) and copy/paste the text into the Item text box. This requires that you add any formatting such as bullets and bold or italic text AFTER it’s been pasted into Blackboard using the formatting buttons. NOTE: If you paste directly from Word, you may have formatting difficulties.
    2. Alternatively, to attach a file for students to download, such as a .pdf or .docx file, choose “Build Content,” then “Create File.” Browse to find and select the file you wish to upload from either your computer or your course files area, provide a title for the link (such as “Syllabus [PDF]”) if desired, and click “Submit.”

Figure #1


Figure #2


Updated on September 21, 2020

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