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Blackboard – Respondus Quiz Building

Respondus for Bb Tests

What is it? If you have a multiple choice test in Word or in text format, e.g. .doc, .docx, or .txt, Respondus software will help you convert that file into a Blackboard test. Respondus works on the Windows operating system, only.

How do you get Respondus? UVM has a site license so it can be downloaded for free. See directions for downloading and installing in Step 1, below.

How do you use Respondus? There are a few steps that must be followed in a precise manner for Respondus to work successfully. Detailed instructions for each of these steps below are presented on this page.

In short:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, download and install Respondus
  2. Write/edit your test questions and answers using the precise formatting rules, described below.
  3. Import the questions into Respondus, following instructions, below.
  4. Enter specific settings, explained below, into Respondus and then publish the test to your Blackboard course.

Step 1. Download and Install Respondus

UVM has a site license for Respondus that can be downloaded from the UVM Software Downloads page. Log in with your UVM ID, choose Microsoft Windows, and download the latest version of Respondus. NOTE: You will need the Registration Information, found above the Respondus download link on the UVM Software Download page.

Step 2. Format Questions Properly

Required Formatting:

1. Vermont is located in which country?
a. Venezuela
*b. United States
c. Macedonia

2. A goldfinch is a kind of:
a. rodent
b. spaceship
*c. bird
d. boot

3. Which thing is not like the others?
a. tuba
b. french horn
c. trumpet
*d. veggie burger

For your Word or text file to work properly in Respondus, you must format your document following specific rules:

  1. Align everything to the left edge of page, answers and questions both. Use no indenting. See example, right.
  2. Questions should be preceded by a number followed by “.” and one space
  3. Don’t begin the question with a number, e.g.:
    Incorrect: 2,000 people got the flu in what month?
    Correct: Two thousand people got the flu in what month?
  4. Answers should be lettered, starting with “a” followed by “.” and one space.
  5. Indicate correct answer with an asterisk and no space before the letter
  6. A question and its possible answers should be not be separated by empty lines. One empty line should separate each group.

Step 3. Import Questions to Respondus

  1. Click the “Start” tab
  2. Check that the “current personality” includes Blackboard 9
  3. Click Import Questions
    » Click here to open (and close) example image

Step 4. Publish from Respondus to Blackboard Course

The settings now need to be set before you can publish your course. There are a few window views you’ll be taken through. Follow the steps and refer to the contextual images linked in the directions, below.

  1. Click the Preview & Publish tab
  2. On line #1, click the black arrow and choose “add new server”
    Click here to open (and close) example image
  3. The Add New Server Settings window will pop up
  4. Choose: No, I want to enter the server settings manually
  5. Click “Next”
    example image
  6. Now you should be looking at the Blackboard Server and Course page. To fill out field #1, you’ll need to paste in this address:
  7. For field #2, log into the Blackboard course to which you will be publishing your course, and copy the full address from the browser’s address bar. Paste it into field #2.
  8. For field #3, Press the “Extract” button
  9. Enter a brief description – can be one word
  10. Enter your UVM NetID as the User Name and your UVM password
  11. If using your own computer, you can click the last option to remember your identity in the future.

    example image
  12. Click “Publish to Blackboard” on the left menu, and click the Publish Wizard button
  13. Choose the server settings from the previous step. Click “Next” and enter your NetID/Password
  14. Click on the course to receive the test
    example image
  15. Choose the folder that will contain the test. Click Next. (Note: the test’s setting will be “unavailable to students,” by default. To open the test to students later, go to that folder in your course, click the little chevron button next to the test name and choose “Edit Test Options”)
    example image
  16. Click Next and Finish
  17. Check your Blackboard course to see if the test has been successfully published
Updated on September 21, 2020

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