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Blackboard – Mobile Application

Do not use mobile devices to take tests.

Tests are not supported on mobile devices. You will need to use a supported browser when taking or deploying tests. For more information, please see these test taking tips.

Blackboard offers two mobile applications – one for Instructors which allows grading and other course management features, and one geared for Students.

Blackboard App For Instructors

The instructor app is available for both iOS and android devices. Find out more about the Bb Instructor app, or download it from the App Store and from Google Play.

Blackboard App For Students

The Blackboard app for students is available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Connecting to UVM

Upon start-up you’ll be asked to search for your university. Searching for “Vermont” may be the most successful search term. Once you find and select “The University of Vermont” you will be prompted to enter your UVM NetID and password. This will log you into the Blackboard mobile interface where you can scroll to find a course and the read/view most content within it.

Updated on April 19, 2021

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