Blackboard – Merging Courses

Every course in the course catalog has a Bb space created for it automatically, and its enrollments are regularly updated to match the roster in the registrar’s system.  Instructors who teach multiple sections of a course can ask for the enrollments to be merged into a single space in Blackboard.

Requesting a Merged Course

Course merge requests must come from the listed instructor of the course.  Instructors can make this request by:

  1. Compose an email from your email address.
  2. Include a list of of the Course ID’s and/or the 5-Digit CRN’s for each space you would like to be merged in the message body.
  3. Send this email to

Once a course is merged, students will no longer see the “Child” spaces – all content and interactions must take place in the merged “Parent” space.  Instructors will still have access to the “Child” spaces, including content and any grades or student submissions.  Only static course content can be copied from child spaces – student-submitted data (such as assessment results) cannot be transferred between courses.

If you would like to create groups in your merged course that reflect the original “Child” courses, follow these (long, but clear) step-by-step instructions [pdf].

Cross-listed courses

Sections that are cross-listed automatically come over to Blackboard as a single section containing the rosters of all included cross-listed sections.

When two existing sections are cross-listed, their corresponding spaces in Blackboard will become permanently unavailable when the new cross-listed space appears. On occasion, this can happen without instructors receiving enough forewarning to save a backup – if this is the case, the instructor of the course can contact and ask for an archive of the cross-listed space (please include the 5-Digit CRN of the course to be recovered).

During the cross-listing process, titles of course spaces on Blackboard are assigned based on an algorithm in the Registrar’s system. If two sections are cross-listed, the title of the space in Blackboard will reflect one of the titles in the cross-listing.

Updated on September 21, 2020

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