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Folders allow you to group materials and activities together. Learning Modules also provide a way for you to group materials together, but add two features: a) an option to force sequential viewing so that students must go through the module in a sequence predetermined by you, and b) a Table of Contents, so that students can see and go to any area of the Learning Module.

You can add any Blackboard content type or tool to a Leaning Module. For example, you can create Items, Folder, External Links, Images, or add a link to a Test, a Blog, a Wiki or even a Discussion Board forum.

How to set up a Learning Module

  1. Open your course and make sure edit mode is on.
  2. Create the space where your Learning Module will be displayed. You can add an item to the Course Menu for the Learning Module, add a content area to the Course menu to hold all the Learning Modules, go to an existing area and add a folder for all the Learning Modules, or go to an existing area in the course and build the learning Module there.
  3. Create the Learning Module: click on Build Content and then click on Learning Module in the drop down menu. The Create Learning Module screen will be displayed.
  4. Give the Learning Module a name. You may also provide a description or information that students should consider while reviewing the module (optional).
  5. Choose when and how students will see the Learning Module by making it available and determining if it should open in its own window (recommended).
  6. Determine how students will interact with the Learning Module by choosing yes or no to Enforce Sequential Viewing. If yes, students will be required to view all items in the Learning Module in the order in which you have listed them.
  7. Set the Table of Contents view:
    • If Yes, students will see a Table of Contents for all material in the Learning Module. They will also be able to open, hide, or move that Table of Contents to the side or bottom of the window.
    • if Hierarchy Display is set, items in the Learning Module will appear in an outline format.
  8. Click Submit to save your Learning Module
  9. Now add material to the Learning Module. Click on the Learning Module’s name. You will see a screen almost identical to the normal “add content” screen. Add your materials to the Learning Module the same way you would add them to any Blackboard folder (see “Add Content to a Course”). Tests, surveys, and assignments can also be added to the Learning Module. You can enforce completion of these items if you have set the Enforce Sequential Viewing for the Learning Module.
  10. Once you have added your content you can rearrange the item sequence by dragging and dropping.
  11. Click Submit to save your Learning Module.
  12. You can re-set your Learning Module from Enforce Sequential Viewing to yes or no at any time by choosing Edit in the double-chevron drop down menu next to the Learning Modules name. For example, you may wish students to go through all the material sequentially the first time through, then turn that off for later study and review.
Updated on September 21, 2020

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