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Blackboard – Importing Test Questions from a Word File

Test generators allow you to create test questions and answers in Word, then upload them into a Blackboard Pool all at once. This can save time because you do not need to go through Blackboard’s somewhat laborious process of creating one question at a time in the Test tool.

To use a test generator, you create your test in Word, making sure that it is formatted precisely—no extra spaces, lines, or characters. You then copy and paste the result into the test generator and it produces a file to upload to Blackboard.

This File is a Set of Uploadable Questions - Not an Importable Test or Pool

You must first create a question pool or test before you can upload these questions.

Once uploaded, your questions will be in a Pool, ready to be pulled into a new Test. You can then assign the point values for the questions and deploy the Test us usual.

The Quiz Generator can create these Blackboard Question Types: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False, Essay, Fill in the Blank, Matching. If you need other  question types like Hot Spot, Image, or Equation, you will have to create those questions directly in the Blackboard test canvas after you have pulled in the questions created by the test generator.

*Important Note: The Western Sydney Generator creates a Blackboard question Pool from which you can create a Test.

If you prefer, you can continue to use the older Oklahoma Christian University Blackboard Test Generator.

Other ways to create tests

Respondus Test Editor is a similar program but is available only for Windows. Like the websites we recommend above, you format and upload a Word document of your questions. It is, however, more complex to use. Respondus Test Editor can be downloaded from the UVM software site, and instructions are here.

Use Excel or Word files saved as text. This method can be used to create any Blackboard question type. However, we recommend this last because it’s the most demanding process: the questions must be formatted with exacting precision—with each portion of the question and answers separated with one single tab—so attention to detail is crucial. If there are any errors Blackboard simply leaves out the question, so you have to check carefully for errors. However, if you prefer working in Excel to working in Word, or love Word and are a stickler for precision, this may be a good option for you. Read more about how to do this on the Blackboard website. Or download PDF instructions from California State University, Stanislaus.

Updated on January 19, 2023

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