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Blackboard – Grading Color Codes in Grade Center

This Grade Center tip is especially helpful in large courses where some grading is automatic (such as quizzes) and/or TAs are grading.

In the Blackboard Grade Center you have the option to visually flag grades that are lower than whatever criteria you set. For instance, you can choose that anything lower than 70% will have a different cell background color allowing you to quickly spot these grades in the full Grade Center view.

To do this:

  1. In Full Grade Center, click the “Manage” button
  2. Choose Grading Color Codes
  3. Click the “Add Criteria” button
  4. Instead of Between, choose Less Than
  5. Enter the Grade %
  6. Choose a background color (Note, lighter background colors make it easier to read the black text)
  7. Click Submit

Some faculty will choose one color for a failing grade and another color for an at-risk range. In those cases you would choose the “Between” options to set the ranges for each criteria.

Updated on September 21, 2020

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