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Blackboard – Email and Messages

Included in Blackboard’s course communication toolkit are the Email Tool and the Messages Tool.  The email tool generates emails that are delivered to the users @uvm.edu email address, while the Messages Tool limits communication to within the course.

Using the Email Tool

Emails sent within Blackboard are not received within the course, but are sent directly to the users’ UVM Email accounts.

By default, students have the capability to email anyone else in the course.  If you would like to restrict this access, these instructions outline how to control who in the course students can send emails to.

Using the Messages Tool

Messages are sent and received within a course.  There is no external notification that a user has received a message, so they must log into the course in Blackboard, then go to the Messages area in the course to check their Message inbox.

Adding Email/Messages Tools to Your Course

To add Email and/or Messaging support to your course, follow the instructions for adding tools to your course menu.

Updated on April 19, 2021

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