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Blackboard – Course Menu Management

Adding Items to the Course Menu

Arrows pointing to add item button on course menu, and to menu items. Clicking on the plus icon at the top of the course menu will let you select an item to add to the menu.

To add a new link to the menu, click the add link button (it is a “+” on the upper left of the menu) and choose the type of link.  Example of commonly added menu items are:

  1. Content Area:
    A content area is a container page into which can be added organizational folders, text areas, links to documents, links to Websites, tests, links to tools such as discussion boards, blogs, wikis, etc.
  2. Tool Links:
    Discussion Board, Groups, Communication tools, etc.

Once you have chosen the kind of link to add,

  1. Type in the title you’d like to appear on the menu.
  2. If choosing Tool Link, you must select the specific tool from the drop down list.
  3. Check “Available to Users.
  4. Click Submit.

When you roll over the link, you see arrows appear on the left of the link. Click/hold and drag the links to rearrange their order.

Arrow pointing out icon/grabber for re-ordering course menu item.


Backup before deleting menu items!

Note: Deleting a menu item removes any content within it, and is permanent. Be sure you have backed up your course before deleting items from the Course Menu.

To rename, hide, show, or delete a menu item, click the round grey button at the right of the menu item, and select from the list. (The middle option toggles between Hide Link and Show Link so, for instance, if you see the option there is “Hide Link,” that means it’s currently showing.)

Arrows showing location of link rename/delete options on the course menu.

“Disappearing Menu”

The left menus are designed to collapse either automatically due to screen size or manually if you just wanted more room to work.

If your Course Menu is not visible, look for a blue bar on the left border, and click either the bar or the small tab that appears when you hover.


Updated on January 11, 2023

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