Blackboard – Back Up Tests

Note: Instructors are responsible for making and keeping backups of their course materials and other course data. Deleted data in a Bb course cannot otherwise be recovered.

These instructions describe how to back up a Blackboard test, but the same instructions apply to surveys and question pools.

Back Up/Export a Test

  1. In your Blackboard course control panel, click “Course Tools.”
  2. Then choose “Tests, Surveys and Pools.”
  3. On this page, choosing “Tests” will provide you with a list of tests in your course.
  4. Click the small, grey, arrow to the right of the specific test and, from the drop down list, choose “Export.”
  5. This will create a zip file that you can now save to your computer for safe keeping.

Import a Test

To import a test zip file to another course,

  1. Go to the same area within the new course:  Control Panel / Tests, Surveys, and Pools / Tests.
  2. Click the green “Import Tests” button and follow the steps.
  3. Once you have imported your test, you can make it accessible to students by implementing it on a content area page. For instructions see Step 8 on the Tests and Surveys page.

Updated on September 17, 2021

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