Blackboard – Adding Media

UVM Streaming Media is the supported platform for hosting your media and embedding it in Blackboard. It is similar to YouTube, in that it streams audio and video effectively to browsers and mobile devices alike.  Find out how you can start using UVM Streaming Media.

Embed Media in Blackboard

  1. After uploading your media to UVM Streaming Media, click on the share tab on the video page and copy the embed code.
  2. In your Blackboard course, go to the area or item you wish to embed the media in.  This may include creating/editing an item, announcement, or discussion post – get to the point where you see a text editor.
  3. Click on the “Source Code” button (it looks like two angle brackets, i.e. < >) , to open the HTML editing window.arrow pointing to source code button
  4. Paste the copied embed code into the pop-up window and click Update.
  5. Click the Submit button on the page or item your are on to post the video to your course.


Why not just upload media into Blackboard?

Since media files are large, they should not be uploaded into to a course; doing so can make your course backups less stable. Instead, media should be uploaded to an external media site, such as UVM Streaming Media and then linked/embedded in Blackboard.

Updated on December 23, 2021

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