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Microsoft Exchange Migration

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The University of Vermont began moving its email and calendaring services to Microsoft Exchange starting in late December 2015. Microsoft Exchange is a robust, enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solution that integrates email and calendar functionality.

ETS will migrate email and calendar data from the current systems into Exchange. All Oracle Calendar users moved together on December 27th and 28th; other non-calendar users will move over the following weeks.

Exchange offers many benefits and features over the current email and calendaring solutions. These include but are not limited to:

  • Tight integration of calendar and email making for a more efficient workflow. Email and calendar are available from one application.
  • Excellent mobile device support, allowing two-way sync of email, calendars and contacts across all common mobile platforms.
  • Robust and advanced group scheduling features
Additional Features and benefits
  • Getting Ready

    For a more seamless transition to the new Exchange environment, we would like to encourage all users to perform the following steps prior to the December 27th migration date:

    • If you're currently storing important emails in your Trash folder, please move them somewhere else. Trash, Deleted Items, Deleted messages, Spam, and Junk will NOT be migrated to the Exchange environment.
    • Set your preferred default email address for Exchange (default will be set to; you can set it to if you prefer). You can make these changes here:
    • Thunderbird settings configuration tool
      • This tool will optimize your Thunderbird settings for Exchange by removing the "mail/" prefix in your UVM IMAP account(s) settings. You can download the tool for your operating system here:

        Thunderbird Configuration tool for Windows

        Windows 8+ users: when running the downloaded executable, you may get a notice that "Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting..." This is normal behavior for files downloaded via a web browser that Microsoft has not yet listed as trusted. To run the app, click "More info" in the blue bar, then click the "Run anyway" button. Alternatively, you can download the app in Windows explorer from \\\shared\software\Utilities\Exchange Migration, and then copying "exchangePrepForThunderbird.exe" to your computer.

        Thunderbird Configuration tool for Mac

    • If you have local mail folders, you should move them to the server before switching to a new email client. Here's a guide: .

    See the complete list here.

  • Migration Roadmap

    All faculty and staff currently using Oracle Calendar (within the past 18 months) will be migrated to the new Exchange environment on December 27th, 2015

    All other UVM affiliates will be migrated on a rolling basis in the weeks to follow.

  • Exchange Migration Details

    Migration is not without impact. Enterprise Technology Services invested many resources into ensuring the migration will be as seamless as possible; however, the new infrastructure may require some interaction on the client side of things. We've compiled a list of information that our clients should be aware of prior to the migration.

    Read full details here.

  • How Tos

    Easy to follow How To documents are being drafted and will be published as we get closer to the migration date.

    The online training resources of are now available to University of Vermont employees. We partnered with Lynda to utilize their training materials for the Microsoft Outlook suite of tools, in support of the upcoming migration to Microsoft Exchange for email and calendar services.

    UVM Portal

    Launch Party and Help Fair dates

    Help Fairs have been scheduled to offer walk-in help and training resources for those seeking help. All sessions will run from 9am to 4pm.

    Full list of Launch Party dates

    Get Help

    Check out a list of support resources here

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand the thought of migrating to a new email and calendaring system brings on many questions and concerns about how things may or may not be different from the current solutions. We've compiled a list of Frequently Ask Questions.

    Visit the FAQ page here.

  • Information about Departmental Accounts in Exchange

    Do you have a Departmental Account? Read our Departmental Accounts page for more info on migrating them into Exchange.

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