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Frequently Asked Questions - Oracle Calendar at UVM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Oracle Calendar at UVM

If you have a question regarding Oracle Calendar that isn't answered below, please contact the UVM Computing Helpline or call 656-2604.

I can't see anyone's agenda. Why?
Most frequently, this situation is created when the person who installs Oracle Calendar forgets to go through the required configuration. In these situations, the Oracle Calendar user is logging into an "offline" agenda, and cannot connect to resources that reside on the calendar server.
See the setup information on the main page, or while in Calendar, select "Work Online" under the File menu.
Oracle Calendar is complaining about "Offline Files" and won't let me in. What do I do?
Oracle Calendar creates some files when you first log into the calendar server which contain, among other things, an Oracle Calendar address book. This feature is not implemented at UVM.

The solution is to delete the offline files. You won't lose your schedule because that is stored on the calendar server. Here are the steps:

  1. Exit Oracle Calendar, if it's running
  2. Go to Start → Find → Files and folders
  3. In the named field, enter xtm*.*
  4. Click Find Now
  5. Select all the files that appear in the list and delete them
  6. Close the Find dialog box and start Oracle Calendar again
How do I change access rights for a resource
Oracle Calendar resources have access rights that are identical to those on user agendas. However, in order to change those rights, you need to log in as that resource. You need to log out of Oracle Calendar, then log back in with the resource name and password.

The resource name is entered in a special way. The easiest way to to enter the resource name is to use the search button (magnifying glass) to find the resource. The password was emailed to you when the agenda was created, but can be reset by

To change a resource's access rights:

  1. At the Oracle Calendar Login screen, click the search button
  2. Select the Resources tab, and enter part of the agenda name (for example, "wat" for all resources beginning with wat)
  3. select the resource and click OK
  4. Enter the resource password
  5. Access rights is available under the Options menu, and works exactly like access rights for user agendas
  6. When you've made the desired changes, log out of Oracle Calendar and then log back in with your own account.

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