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Information Technology

Services offered and administrated by Enterprise Technology Services (ETS)

Communication Services

Email and Mailing Lists
  • Email: ETS developes and manages IMAP and POP mail services and client software pre-configuration and support, as well as a webmail client for UVM email. Email support and service is a joint effort between the Client Services and Systems Administration and Architecture departments. See also Server and Infrastructure Services.
  • Mailing Lists (LISTSERV): mailing lists are a means of distributing information to defined lists of users via email. Lists often are used as forums for the discussion of special topics. LISTSERV is jointly managed by the ETS Identity and Account Management and Systems Administration and Architecture departments.
Telephone and Campus Network Services
  • Telephone: telephones, telephone jacks and wiring, telephone numbers, conference call capabilities, long distance access codes, telephone billing, voicemail, and telephone switch and infrastructure planning, management and maintenance are facilitated by the Telecommunications and Network Services department.
  • Campus Network: campus wired network (Ethernet) ports and wiring, wired network registration, campus wireless network access point installation, management and distribution, wireless authentication, IP subnet management and allocation, firewall and security are facilitated jointly by the Telecommunications and Network Services and Systems Administration and Architecture departments.
Instant Messaging and Chat Services
  • Chat: ETS maintains an instant messaging and conferencing service based on the open-source Jabber protocol. All UVM affiliates can use these services for secure, confidential and advertisement-free instant messaging. Chat servers are maintained by the Systems Administration and Architecture department, with client and software support offered by the Client Services department.
Calendar Services
Web Publishing & Blogging
On-Call Services
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