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UVM wireless update this Sunday morning

Computers may prompt for trust of new certificate

On Sunday, April 10, the "UVM" wireless network's security certificate, which provides trusted encryption for the network, will expire. Computers and other wireless devices using the "UVM" campus wireless network will no longer be able to connect until the new, updated certificate is installed and accepted as trusted.

Note that domain-joined Windows 7 and Vista systems will silently receive an update which will take care of this transition.

Windows XP (or non-domained joined Windows 7/Vista) and Macintosh computers can avoid any interruption in wireless service by downloading and installing the updated certificate in advance of the Sunday expiration.

After Sunday's expiration, attempts to connect to the "UVM" wireless network will vary based on operating system.


Mac computers should automatically prompt to download and trust the updated certificate. Before choosing to accept, verify the following information:

Issued to/Common Name:

  • Issued By/Issuer:
    • Equifax Secure Certificate Authority
      • GeoTrust Global CA
        • GeoTrust DV SSL CA
  • One of the two following fingerprints:
    SHA1: D7 70 1A D1 06 BF A5 2C E5 E4 32 EC 68 18 51 57 59 61 DA 64
    MD5:  ED D8 25 B2 BF 72 9F C0 C4 AE 59 D3 55 29 27 FB

Verifying this will ensure your "UVM" wireless network connection and encryption is safe and legitimate.


Windows computers will either quietly connect without incident, or produce a certificate validation error.

If attempts to connect wirelessly fail, Windows and Macintosh computers can have the certificate installed manually using the link above. Handheld devices like the iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android-based mobile phones that do not prompt for an updated certificate should have their network connections reset by deleting/forgetting the "UVM" network name and reestablishing the connection from scratch.

General instructions for wireless setups and help resources can be found on the UVM IT website.

If you have problems that you are unable to resolve on your own, you can contact the UVM Computing Helpline at (802) 656-2604 or at

If you are concerned that this message is a computer virus, worm, or attempt at social engineering, you can confirm its legitimacy by checking the UVM website or by contacting the Helpline.

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