Yurij Bihun

Director of Shelterwood Systems

Yurij M. Bihun, Director, Shelterwood Systems, is a Vermont-based forest resources analyst with a diverse background and 30 years' experience in sustainable forest management. Mr. Bihun has advanced degrees in Forest Management and Forest Genetics and has worked as a consulting forester on a host of domestic and international projects for governmental and NGOs, industry and the private sector.  In addition to the commercial and scientific aspects of forestry, his overriding interest is the role forests play in balancing ecosystems and the historical exploitation of wood for the development of society, industry, and culture. Mr. Bihun has authored over 100 publications about silviculture, green building & design, forest ecology, and the international trade of wood products.  He has been a Senior Fulbright Scholar and Fulbright Senior Specialist in Ukraine and continues to work on natural resource projects in eastern Europe and Eurasia.