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The Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security (IEDS) is a transdisciplinary research center dedicated to both the study and practice of techniques that resolve environmental conflicts, and to using ecological processes as tools of peace-building. We welcome new partnerships and would encourage scholars interested in collaborating with us on any of the following thematic areas to contact us. IEDS also has a publication series where we can publish working papers by scholars under our auspices online within these thematic areas.  Themes IEDS operates within a framework of 3 broad themes that capture its mission and vision: Borderlands: Boundaries in physical and cognitive space can be defining themes of diplomacy.  IEDS explores how human territoriality can be constructively configured so geopolitical boundaries work within ecological principles. Resource Values: Natural resources have values in both economic and ecological terms, and often a disjuncture in these values leads to conflict.  IEDS works to find effective mechanisms for ascribing, communicating, and implementing values that minimize conflict. Pragmatic Peace: Public policy has often been polarized between “hawks” and doves”, with each side dismissing the other’s motives and methods.  IEDS works to reconcile these differences by promoting a practically implementable vision of peace. Major Program Areas: Within this framework IEDS has operationalized four major program areas: Experiential LearningOnline and field oriented programs for conventional students and mid-career professionals

Measured Mediation: Providing mediation services with latest technical tools and measuring indicators of success

Participatory Action Research: Conducting empirical research that is calibrated to community needs

Clinical Case Compendia:    Documenting diplomatic processes that lead to conflict resolution while providing security


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Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security 208E Morrill Hall, Burlington, VT 05405, USA

Phone: 1-802-656-4695 Email: ieds@uvm.edu

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