Bernardo Aguilar-Gonzalez

Executive Director at Fundación Neotrópica

Bernardo Aguilar-González is the Executive Director at Fundación Neotrópica one of the oldest and most reputable environmental NGOs in Costa Rica which, since 2008, has embraced socio-ecological conflicts as the main focus of its work. He is also an Adjunct Faculty in Environmental Studies at Northern Arizona University and the current President of the Mesoamerican Society for Ecological Economics. For almost 2 decades he has done academic and applied research work in Ecological Economics, Political Ecology, Environmental Law and Latin American Studies. His authored and coauthored work includes: Keys to the Western Economy-An Ecologist Outlook (2010), Economic Paradigms and Sustainable Development: Economics in Service to Conservation (In Spanish, 2002). Bernardo has JD and Specialist degrees in Agrarian and Environmental Law from University of Costa Rica. He was also a Fulbright scholar to receive a M.Sc. in Ag. and Applied Economics from the University of Georgia. He is currently finishing a Ph.D. (ABD) in Natural Sciences for Development in a collaborative program between several prestigious Mesoamerican Universities.