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FAQs for PeopleAdmin System Users

What is PeopleAdmin used for?

The PeopleAdmin system is used by departments to initiate faculty and staff recruitments and opportunity hires and staff reclassifications, position description updates, and off-cycle increases.

What is an "action"?

Position actions include recruitments, waivers, reclassification, position updates or off-cycles. In PeopleAdmin, an action is a record created by a user to request a position action.

What is an "action number"?

An action number refers to a specific action on one position in the system, and is used to search for that particular action.

What is the Position Library?

The position library contains position specific information for all established positions.  This information is used to populate actions in PeopleAdmin.

How do I determine if my position exists in the Position Library?

In the Position Management module, click on Positions submenu Staff or Faculty/Academic Administrator/Unclassified.  Search by title or position number.  This will enable you to review positions in your area that meet the criteria and determine if the position is in the library.  

Who submits actions through PeopleAdmin?

In order to access PeopleAdmin, you must have an account.  Your Dean’s Office or Business Manager can advise if it is appropriate for you to have a PeopleAdmin account.

What is a user type?

PeopleAdmin users are grouped by role.  Dean users may have both a Department and a Dean/Director User type.  The user type you are logged in as is visible at the top right of the screen.

How do I change user type?

Click on the drop down in the right upper corner or the screen. Select the user type you desire and wait for the page to refresh itself.  A message will appear at the top of the screen to confirm the user type change. 

How do I determine what type of action I need to initiate in PeopleAdmin?

Consult the Staff Actions in PeopleAdmin decision tree to determine what type of action to submit in PeopleAdmin.

How do I know the status of my action?

You can determine the status of your action(s) in PeopleAdmin. The “Current State” and State Owner" columns show the current status and the responsible party at that status for each action. In addition, automated emails are generated at critical status points in the system which will inform you when you need to take action.

How do I find help? 

Contact your Business Manager or Dean’s office for assistance. Please remember that these materials are updated frequently based upon user feedback.  You may need to refresh your browser page or clear your cache in order to access the most recent version of a page.  There are also links to resources and support materials embedded in the PeopleAdmin tabs.  Directions for clearing your cache (PDF)

Do I still use the Staff Position Description form?

Employees and supervisors can still use the Position Description form to draft position descriptions for use when initiating staff position actions in PeopleAdmin. Position description information can be cut and pasted from this document into the appropriate PeopleAdmin fields for staff actions.

How do I reclassify a staff position?

To request that a staff position be reviewed for a change in classification, create an action for a Reclassification.

When do I need to submit an Organizational Chart?

An Organizational Chart must be attached to all staff position actions.  The organizational chart must include the system classification titles for positions and show how the position fits within the work area, who the position reports to and what position(s) report to it. This helps illustrate the level of responsibility required in the position and informs the classification process.   

Can I use an old action instead of creating a new one?

No, you must create a new action. However, for actions on existing positions, much of the position information populates from the position library.  

Why did my action get sent back to me?

Actions may be returned if required data or attachments are missing or incomplete.  When an action is returned to you, you can check the Action History tab for specific information about what additional information you need.

How do I view a Position Description in PeopleAdmin?

To access a position description, go to the Position Management module, click on Positions Submenu Staff or Faculty/Academic Administrator/Unclassified.  Search by title or position number. Click on "view" under the correct title in the list.  Directions for printing a Position Description Report are located on the PeopleAdmin Resources page.

What if I don't see an existing position number I need in the position library, but I need to recruit?

If you cannot find an active position number in the position library, verify the position number.  If it is correct, use the Recruitment New Position action and enter the position number in the position number field.

I found my position number in the library, but there is no position description information in the record. Why not?

Position description information is being added to the position library through the actions submitted in PeopleAdmin.  If no position action has been taken on a position since May 2, 2011, the position description fields will not yet have been populated with this information. Once you take an action on the position and your action is approved, the information will be available when you next access the position library.