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This program has been developed by our Employee Wellness team! View the resources available to you on the main UVM Campus, as well as resources that can be utilized within your own individual offices!

Free Employee Wellness Fitness Classes

Campus Recreation

Check out our FREE Employee Wellness classes for spring 2019! Classes are provided in partnership with Campus Recreation and follow the UVM Holiday Schedule. Please take note of any additional cancellations below.

Group Training

UVM Employee Wellness is excited to offer several, month-long series of 60 minute group training sessions during the spring semester! Registration Required. Registration requires the purchase of a Myzone heart rate monitor and includes:

  • A cycling and strength workout
  • One to two group training sessions per week for a month
  • A workout plan for training an additional day on your own in our fitness center
  • Complimentary body metrics assessment during Personal Training office hours

Click here for more details and registration!


Drop-ins Welcome!
When: Monday & Wednesday 12-1pm. The class runs from 1/14/2019 - 5/6/2018
Where: Ira Allen Chapel
What: Take a break from your daily routine and get a new perspective.  Brighten up your afternoon with delightful stretching and relaxation of yoga.  Come join an eclectic group of like minded folks of all ages and abilities from around campus. The class is taught by UVM Campus Recreation Fitness Coordinator Shayna Stratton. These 'all levels' yoga classes ideal for beginners and others.
Equipment: Please bring a yoga mat.


Class canceled 3/20 due to our instructor being unavailable. Classes to resume next week on 3/27!

Drop-ins Welcome!
Wednesdays 4:45-5:45 pm. The class runs from 1/16/2019-5/1/2019 (no class 3/20 & 4/24)
Where: Ira Allen Chapel
What: Fusion of hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away, no experience necessary. Our goal is simple: We want you to want to work out, to love working out, and to get hooked. Participants are invited to make up their own moves, to laugh and to have fun! You don’t have to be a dancer to participate in this class. Come and ZUMBA!
Equipment: none

Monthly Tours of Campus Rec for Faculty/Staff

Have you been thinking about using the gym facilities at Campus Recreation, but are unsure of all that the facility offers? Come join us for a 30-minute tour of the facility and see all that Campus Recreation has to offer you! 
When: The 30 minute tour occurs on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and begins at 12:15pm.
Where: Meet in the Patrick Gymnasium Lobby.
What: Tour attendees will be led through the buildings to group fitness studios, locker rooms, the pool, various courts (basketball, tennis, racket ball, etc.), additional space where you can strength train, and more!


2019 Incentive Campaign: One Goal, One Step, My Journey

Picture of Mountain titled My Journey

This April, the Employee Wellness Program will be launching its goal setting incentive campaign: One Goal, One Step, My Journey. Create your goal and take steps toward your wellbeing!


Visit Blue Cross Blue Shield VT to complete this incentive! View brochure
Step One: Complete your health assessment.
Step Two: Complete survey one - setting your goal(s). Survey is open from April 1-30.
Step Three: Complete survey two - progressing toward your goal(s). Complete this survey 3-4 weeks after setting your goal. Survey is open from May 1-31.
Step Four: Receive your $35 Amazon gift card!

Prizes will be awarded to all who complete this campaign. After reaching 300 participants, 5 grand prize winners will be picked

  • In order to qualify for this incentive, you must complete the Annual Health Assessment and both surveys.
  • Only paid UVM employees are eligible to receive this incentive.
  • Once claimed, incentive will be included as taxable income and normal payroll deductions will apply.
  • Prizes to be awarded in May and June.



Epic Wellness: On-Site Chiropractic Care

Epic Wellness Logo.  Blue and orange.

Employees covered on the UVM healthcare plan with BCBSVT have up to 12 covered visits with a $20 specialty copay. UVM Employee Wellness collaborates with one of our wellness partners, Epic Wellness, to bring you the convenience of this on-site care!

  • Waterman Building - Tuesdays 7am - 10am;  Waterman 123D
  • Given Building -  Tuesdays 10:30am -12:30pm; Given B307 Conference Room
  • Schedule an appointment

Lunch & Learn Connection

Wellness Lunch & Learn Logo

UVM Employee Wellness collaborates with one of our wellness partners, The Kahm Clinic, to bring you a bimonthly Nutritional Lunch & Learn. Come check it out!

Upcoming Lunch & Learns:

Nutrition in the Workplace

It can be hard to know what to eat or plan for how to eat during the workday. Sometimes schedules make it tough to eat consistently or the best foods for your energy and mood. Let's talk about how to eat at work and some ideas for how you can plan meals.

  • Memorial Lounge (Waterman 338)
  • Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 12:00-1:00pm
  • Please remember to bring your lunch to enjoy during the talk!
  • Register today!

YouTube Channel

Employee Wellness has developed a YouTube channel just for you!  This channel will be continually updated as we host new events and educational opportunities.  Subscribe to the UVM Employee Wellness YouTube channel today!


Daily Physical Wellness Tips

Group of people participating in yoga.

Read through these great ideas about how to incorporate physical wellness into your day.  Every tip may not work for every person, that's okay. Select a couple to try out and see how you like them!

Employee Assistance Programs (Invest EAP)

Invest EAP logo

Invest EAP is a Vermont-based public and private non-profit collaborative. Invest EAP provides short-term counseling and referral, management consultation, training and resource information. Visit Invest EAP to view all resources. A login may be created using the organizational password: UVM. UVM Employees can also sign up for onsite counseling appointments.

Stretching Tutorial

View this stretching tutorial or print out this poster (PDF) for your break room! It's important to keep your muscles limber, especially if you have a desk job. Stretching can:

  • Decrease your risk of injuries
  • Help your joints move through their full range of motion
  • Provide stress relief and reduce tension headaches
  • Help improve your posture