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UVM Employee Wellness is offering an expanded variety of programs and events based on your feedback. See details below for the latest Employee Wellness offerings and updates!  

All programs are virtual unless otherwise indicated in their descriptions below.

Special Guest Speaker: Laura Putnam

Roadmap for Becoming Our Best Selves Series

Join us for a three-part series with Laura Putnam, a nationally known expert and author on personal wellbeing. In a challenging time, how can we each rise to meet the moment? Laura will take a clear-eyed view into where we are and how we can each take steps to become our better selves.

Love and Life in the Time of COVID-19: How to build hope and resilience in a challenging time

Tuesday, March 16 from 12-1pm.

Inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ Love in the Time of Cholera, this session offers information, tips and hope. At a time when our country is confronting three overlapping crises – a pandemic, financial distress and a reckoning with racism and injustice – how do we each cope and how can we each make a difference? Participants will come away with practical strategies to sustain well-being, purpose, and a sense of meaning.


Me At My Best: How to drive persoal performance and wellbeing

Wednesday, April 14 from 12-1pm.

What are the keys to not just surviving – but fully thriving? How can we each become “Me At My Best®” – whatever that looks like for us? Through a combination of stories and science, learn about the secrets needed to thrive. Attendees will get up to speed on the multiple dimensions needed to be their best self: physical, emotional, financial, career and community. Come away refreshed and armed with specific takeaways to catapult yourself into a revitalized way of living.


Born To Move, Told To Sit: How to recognize and overcome common barriers to movement

Wednesday, September 29, 12-1pm.

Americans sit a lot. There are a multitude of factors that keep us from moving: classrooms where kids sit for hours at a time, work environments that keep employees in front of computers, even groceries that are delivered to our homes. Meanwhile, we are inundated by a stream of fad exercise classes and news stories about the dangers of sitting. We’re told: “Move more, sit less!” We are left to feel that we’re failing ourselves and that we are to blame. The truth is, there’s a bigger story. We are born to move, but societal systems “tell” us to sit. This session examines the “biological-cultural” mismatch we’re up against – and provides a path forward. After hearing this talk, participants will rethink next time they’re asked to “Have a seat!"


HealthyCare 90 Day Program:

This online program includes 13 weeks of one hour long group sessions with your Certified Wellness Coach, 3 one-on-one sessions with a Registered Dietitian as well as weekly whole foods meal plans and hundreds of recipes! You will learn the fundamental aspects of fitness, nutrition, stress management and behavior modification. Please view this 5 minute YouTube video for more information.

Upcoming 2021 Sessions:

  •     Wednesdays, April 14th - July 7th (12-1pm)
  •     Tuesdays, August 23rd - November 15th (12-1pm)
  •     Wednesdays, September 21st - December 14th (12-1pm)

Program Cost:  $25 with UVM Healthcare plan. (Originally $499).

Register by calling 802-951-2320 or emailing genavix@edgevt.com

Next Steps Diabetes Program

Join the Edge for a comprehensive 8-week program focusing on the positive impact of nutrition and exercise to improve Type II Diabetes. Through the support of your peers, a Registered Dietitian, and an exercise specialist, you will gain the knowledge, guidance, and confidence to improve your health. Included in the program is a FREE 8-week membership to the Edge! View flyer (PDF) for more information.

Upcoming 2021 Sessions:

  • Mondays, April 12th - May 31st (12-1pm)
  • Mondays, August 23rd - October 11th

Program Cost:  100% covered with UVM Healthcare plan (with Type II Diabetes Diagnosis)

Register by calling 802-951-2320 or emailing genavix@edgevt.com

Food & Mood Program

Join Allison Filepp, EDGE Registered Dietitian for this comprehensive 8-week program focusing on supporting your mental health and well-being through nutrition. This program includes weekly group educational sessions along with three 1-on-1 tele nutrition sessions.

Information session:  

View this 2 minute pre-recorded Info Session at your own convience.

Upcoming 2021 Sessions:

  •     Updated: Tuesdays, March 23 - May 11 (12-1pm)
  •     Tuesdays, May 11 - June 29 (12-1pm)
  •     Tuesdays, August 24 - October 12 (12-1pm)
  •     Tuesdays, October 19 - December 7 (12-1pm)

Program Cost:  $20 with the UVM Healthcare plan.

Register by calling 802-951-2320 or emailing genavix@edgevt.com

Monthly Lunch & Learns

Join the EDGE Preventative Care team of Health Coaches and Registered Dietitians for lunch time wellness webinars on topics to promote your overall health and well-being. These sessions are engaging and customized to the live audience providing relevant topics and examples of ways to live a vibrant and healthy life through your habits, sleep, nutrition, stress management and movement!

Lunch and learns occur during the noon hour on the third thursday of the month. Please register in advance.

March: Becoming Label Savvy

Join the EDGE Preventative Care team for this engaging webinar on all things nutrition labels. Discussion topics will include manufacturing gimmicks that loop us into purchasing food items that may not be all they are toting on the label, hidden preservatives and additives in our foods, and navigating the best 'bang for your buck' when purchasing items with food labels!

  • Thursday, March 18 from 12-1pm
  • Register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


  • April: Get Moving
  • May: Stress Management
  • June: Self Care

FREE Employee Classes with Campus Recreation!

Free Employee Wellness classes are provided in partnership with Campus Recreation. Pre-registration is required and may be done through the Campus Recreation Employee Wellness website.

Classes include:

  • Yoga Flow (Mondays and Thursdays 12-12:45pm)
  • Group Training (Tuesdays 5:10-5:55pm)
  • Strength Blast with Bands (Thursdays 5:10-5:55pm)
  • Mat Pilates (Fridays 12-12:45pm)

EDU@UVM 2021: Life in the Time of Covid-19

Hosted by Professional Development and Training, this annual, free online event is open to UVM employees and offers many workshops and presentations.This event hosts six weeks of virtual Lunch & Learn workshops and conversations from March - April focused on work life in the time of Covid. Visit the EDU@UVM web page for more information, the schedule, and to register!

Employee Wellness Highlights

Program & Events Calendar (Jan - June 2021)

See the complete list of offerings on the Employee Wellness Calendar (PDF) 

New programs this year!

  • Food and Mood

  • Monthly Lunch & Learns with the Edge

  • Next Steps Diabetes

  • Nationally known speaker, Laura Putnam!

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