Intellectual Wellness Collage

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness can be developed through academics, a professional career, cultural involvement, and personal hobbies. Strong intellectual wellness allows you to pursue the opportunities you enjoy the most, and expands your knowledge and skills while sharing them with others.

"Walking meetings at UVM are super productive for mind and body!"

-Employee Testimonial

Signs of Intellectual Wellness

  • Contributing to work you find motivating and interesting.
  • Seeking out ways to challenge and inspire yourself.
  • Working in a way that fits your personal learning style.
  • Ability to develop your own ideas, and opinions.
  • Ability to balance work with leisure.
  • Understanding your values.

How to Achieve Intellectual Wellness

  • Expose yourself to ideas and beliefs of others that differ from yours.
  • Create careers and/or educational goals.
  • Improve time management.
  • Do what you enjoy; enjoy what you do.
  • Remove objectivity.
  • Understand how you learn and study best.
  • Speak with a career counselor.