How can I connect?

If you are looking to connect with a thriving wellness community and endless partnerships to assist you in your wellness journey, then you are in the right place.  Employee Wellness is excited to announce several new additions through out the year.  Below, you will find multiple ways you can connect with the Employee Wellness program.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us.

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Wellness Ambassadors

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A Wellness Ambassador is a UVM faculty or staff member who is committed to promoting health and wellness in the workplace and act as a catalyst for culture change at UVM. Wellness Ambassadors play a vital role in supporting the promotion of health and wellbeing among the University of Vermont’s faculty and staff.  There are currently several vacancies where additional Wellness Ambassadors are needed. If you are interested in becoming a wellness ambassador, read the role description and apply!

Current Wellness Ambassadors


Justina Reichelt
(802) 656-8058
Campus Recreation

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Vacancy)

Amy Nickerson
(802) 656-0670
Nutrition & Food Sciences

Diane Trono
(802) 656-0321
CALS Dean's Office

Lori Pinard
(802) 651-8343 ext. 510
UVM Extension

College of Arts & Sciences (Vacancy)

Robin Hopps
(802) 656-3396


Continuing and Distance Education (Vacancy)


College of Engineering and Mathematical Science (Vacancy)


College of Education and Social Services (Vacancy)


College of Nursing and Health Sciences  

Cara Feldman-Hunt
(802) 656-9266
CNHS Dean’s Office

Janet Franz
(802) 656-9908
CNHS Student Services

Mischka Rizzo
(802) 656-3835


Bridget Baldwin
(802) 656-3514

Lynda Ossola
(802) 656-5700
Student Financial Services

Sondra Jewett
(802) 656-1484
Student Financial Services

Enterprise Technology Services 

Rich Downing
(802) 656-0296
Enterprise Application Service

Finance and Facilities

Caleb Gilbert
(802) 656-5402
Custodial Services

Cindy Lee
(802) 656-0402
VP Finance & Facilities

David Blatchly
(802) 656-7000
Physical Plant Department

Laura Stasi
(802) 656-8032
UVM Bookstore

Sharon Bergeron
(802) 656-1477
Financial Reporting & Accounting Services


Grossman School of Business

Jen O’Donnell
(802) 656-4613
Grossman School of Business

Honors College

Simone Blaise-Glaunsigner
(802) 656-9100
Honors College

Human Resources Services

Britta MacAlpine
(802) 656-2696
Human Resource Services

Greg Paradiso
(802) 656-3102
Human Resource Services

Joel Shapiro
(802) 656-0966
Professional Development & Training

Larner College of Medicine (Vacancy)

Amanda Broder
(802) 656-3123
Office of Medical Education

Amy Gilman
(802) 656-8990 / (802) 656-1313
Office of Clinical Trials Research

Kiersten Hallquist
(802) 656-8648
Office of Medical Education

Maddie Mank
Medicine - Pulmonary

Melanie Sestokas
(802) 656-0334




Sandra Aldrich
(802) 656-2258
Dana Medical Library


Bethany Wolfe
(802) 656-2212
VP Operations & Public Safety


Angie Leahey
(802) 656-1453
Sponsored Project Adminstration

Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources (Vacancy)


Student Affairs

Jackie Hayes
(802) 656-0123
Center for Health & Wellbeing

Lisa Susslin
(802) 656-0167
Career Center