Learning Services Evaluation Form

Why did you enroll in this class? (check all that apply)

Please rate the degree to which you agree with the following statements, using this scale:

5 = strongly agree
4 = moderately agree
3 = neutral
2 = moderately disagree
1 = strongly disagree
N/A = not applicable

5 4 3 2 1 N/A
The course objectives were clearly outlined at the beginning of class.
The instructor asked what we wanted to learn before the first class meeting or early during the class.
Course materials (books, diskettes, photocopier, etc.) were useful in reinforcing skills or content that was taught in class.
A variety of exercises were used to teach concepts (role playing, group discussion, case study, simulation, etc.).
The skills or knowledge I learned in this class will benefit my department.
The instructor helped make a clear connection between the course content and how to apply the information or skills on the job.
The instructor was well organized and well prepared.
The instructor encouraged questions and input from all participants.
The instructor communicated clearly.
The instructor responded satisfactorily to participants' questions.
The instructor was enthusiastic and inspiring.
I would take another class from this instructor.
The room was adequate.
I would recommend this class to others.

The amount of time allotted for the course was:

The instructor taught at a pace that was:

I will be able to use the skills I learned:

There are barriers in my current position that will prevent me from using the information I learned in this class.

If yes to previous question, what are the barriers? (check all that apply)

Please indicate your degree of knowledge of/skills in the class topic using the scale to the left.
5 = proficient
4 = very knowledgeable
3 = somewhat knowledgeable
2 = very limited knowledge
1 = no knowledge
5 4 3 2 1
Knowledge before attending this class:
Knowledge after attending this class:

If changes should be made in this class, what specific changes do you recommend?

Thank you!

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