The University of Vermont has vast resources in educational training and support to assist you in your journey here. 

From Professional Development and Training to Risk Management, these are departments with which you may want to connect.  Professional Development and Training plays a large role in your onboarding process along with Human Resources.  Review the following resources to find what best suites your needs.

Professional Development & Training

Three people standing in front of brown door smiling.

Develop Job-Related Skills Through Professional Development and Training

Our culture requires us to be lifelong learners. For most of us, a percentage of that learning must be related to the development of job-related skills focused in a variety of areas…and on this page we've brought together some of the best of what is offered at UVM in general, and through Professional Development and Training in particular.

Professional Development & Training Resources

Culture & Community (35 minute video)

If you are a new employee, welcome!  Please take a few minutes to view this 35-minute video about the UVM culture and community.

Human Resource Representatives

Waterman Building

These individuals have administrative responsibilities. They have been appointed by their dean or director to serve as liaisons between Human Resource Services and staff. 

Find a Representative in Your Department (PDF)