We are excited to welcome you to The University of Vermont on your first day! 

This portion of the site will assist you in knowing what to bring, important locations on campus and tasks to complete.  These tasks include vital components such as signing up for direct deposit, obtaining your parking pass and more.

View each section below to determine what you will need to bring to New Hire Enrollment, as well as, step-by-step instructions for tasks you should complete your first day.

Update Your Emergency Contacts

Hand from three people, holding phones showing contact information on screen.

Use this process to add a new or make changes to existing emergency contacts

These directions apply to personal emergency contacts. To add CatAlert, the UVM emergency system, see Add CatAlert Emergency Contacts Step-by-Step Instructions Adding an Emergency Contact

  1. Log in to PeopleSoft through the Human Resources Login.

  2. Navigation: Self Service > Personal Information > Emergency Contacts

  3. The screen will open, displaying current information. 

  4. Click Add Emergency Contact.

  5. The Emergency Contact Detail page will appear. Enter the contact information and click Save. 

Screenshots with directions (PDF)

Sign-Up for CatAlert Emergency Notifications

University of Vermont, silver, police SUV.

The University has an automatic campus alert system, CatAlert. CatAlert is designed to keep UVM as informed and safe as possible if an emergency situation were to arise. 

Follow these instructions to add or change phone number information.  

  • In PeopleSoft multiple phone numbers can be registered: cell, pager, fax, and more.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Sign-Up for CatAlert Emergency Notifications

  1. Log in to PeopleSoft through the Human Resources Login.

  2. Navigation: Self Service > Personal Information > Phone Numbers

  3. Click the Add a Phone Number button.

  4. Click the Phone Type list from the drop down box.

  5. Click the Phone of Type column, choose types with the word “emergency.” 

  6. Enter the additional or new telephone number in the Telephone field.

  7. Click the Save button.

  8. Click the OK button. 

Screenshots with directions (PDF)

Sign-Up for Direct Deposit

White counter top with a single dollar bill sitting on it.

Direct deposit of your UVM paycheck is mandatory and can be set up and managed through the Self-Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit link in PeopleSoft Human Resources

For further instructions, please refer to the "Add or Edit Direct Deposit" section of the Personal Information in PeopleSoft User Guide (PDF).

Payroll Direct Deposit

Obtain Your Parking Permit

Campus parking pass, with green clip art and identification number.

Faculty and staff wishing to park on the UVM campus must obtain a parking permit. Individuals who are considered "affiliated employees" by the University are eligible for parking under the same policies as faculty and staff, without the option of payroll deduction. Faculty and staff may be asked to provide a valid UVM I.D. when applying for a permit.

Download First Day Parking Permit

Pickup Your CatCard (Campus ID)

CatCard Identification

All faculty and staff members here at the University are entitled to have an ID card.

We are a one-card campus — all campus amenities are serviced via the one UVM CATcard. This card provides you access to your privileges, meal plans, door access and the UVM debit account known as CAT$cratch. All faculty and staff members must be in the PeopleSoft system before being eligible to obtain an ID card. You are required to bring a form of a government issued photo ID with you (Driver's license, Military ID, Passport, etc).

CATcard Details