COVID-19 Employee Information


    COVID-19 Employee Information 


    COVID-19 Employee Information

   HRS is committed to supporting employee success throughout this unprecedented time.

The information found here (i.e. forms, memos, policies, and resources) is specific to operations during COVID-19. General UVM employment information and forms are located on the HRS home page

Guidance for Supervisors

One of my supervisees reported that they have tested positive for Covid-19. What do I need to do?
  1. Instruct them to remain home, isolate according to the Vermont Department of Health instructions, and follow guidance from their health care provider and contact tracers.
  2. Consult the Vermont Department of Health instructions regarding what employers should do if their employee(s) test positive.    
  3. If they tested through the Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHWB) or the UVM testing center, CHWB will be in contact with them to do contact tracing and determine if any location on campus needs to be cleaned. They will pass this information on as needed. Please do not attempt to do contact tracing or cleaning on your own.
  4. If they did not test through the CHWB, please have them fill out the Employee reporting form. This will notify CHWB to notify the appropriate teams for additional cleaning or to take other action. VDH will initiate contact tracing independent of UVM – this may take a few days.
  5. Contact Labor & Employee Relations (uvmler@uvm.edu) to discuss leave options, etc. Recognize that employees have a certain expectation of privacy related to their health. Information should only be shared on a strict need-to-know basis.
  6. For general Covid-19 employee related questions, please refer to the Employee Guide for Returning to Campus. Contact uvm.strong@uvm.edu or (802)656-1010 if you have questions.

Navigating the Daily Health Screening Tool

All UVM employees must submit the Daily Health Screening before coming to work at a UVM facility.  Learn more about who needs to fill it out and when on the Daily Health Screening Tool web page.  

Coming Back! An Employee Guide for Returning to Campus

Telemedicine: BCBS AmWell

The UVM plan offers a service available called telemedicine.  It allows employees and covered dependents to access the care of a trained physician in the comfort of their own home.  This service is provided through BlueCross by a company named Amwell Telemedicine can a key element to controlling the spread of COVID-19.  Whether people are concerned about coronavirus or a non-urgent concern, staying home reduces exposure and the spread of COVID-19.  This also covers mental health counseling.

BlueCross contracts with American Well (AmWell) to provide this service to UVM covered employees and dependents. In addition, Amwell has established a Telehealth Response Program to support the use of telehealth as an initial COVID-19 screening tool, which includes an always-on-call infection control officer.

  • Who: Covered Employees & Covered Dependents
  • Where: Access Care Anywhere (Mobile App or Web Browser)
  • Cost: Included in UVM Plan ($10 per visit co-pay, $0 for mental health)

BCBS AmWell Instructions (pdf)

Mail Order Prescription Drug Coverage

For convenience and to minimize potential exposure in public places, consider enrolling in mail-order prescription drug services. Prescriptions will be delivered directly to an individual’s home or office.

In addition, please contact the local pharmacy as they may have mail-order services available.  We recommend that your employees contact their health care provider to obtain a 90-day prescription for maintenance drugs prior to their next refill. Cost-sharing for prescription drugs still applies. Please be advised that controlled substances and specialty medications are not eligible for the 90-day supply at this time.

  • Who: Covered Employees & Dependents
  • Where: Delivered to Your Home
  • Cost: Included in BCBS Coverage

Sign-up for BCBS' Express Scipts Network Pharmacy

Are you a UVM employee working from home?  Risk Management offers helpful ergonomic tips that can help you work safely and comfortably from your home.  
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Employee Forms
related to COVID-19:

Employee Check In Icon
Employees must submit the Health Check-In before coming to work at a UVM facility.