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UBAC Initial Charge

Charge of the University Benefits Advisory Council

The University Benefits Advisory Council (UBAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the administration concerning policies and decision-making processes that bear on the full range of employee benefits programs at UVM. As stated in the Parameters for Compensation at The University of Vermont, compensation, comprising both salary and benefits, is set within institutional constraints of projected budget allocations and available resources.

The Charge

The specific charge to the UBAC is as follows:

  • To review and evaluate the University’s benefits programs and to make recommendations to the President and Provost with regard to the modification of existing employee benefit plans and the design of any new benefit programs.
  • To review, on at least an annual basis, a report and analysis from the Office of Human Resources, complete with appropriate data and comparative information regarding:
    1. Responsiveness of the benefit plans to the needs of faculty and staff, with attention to the needs of UVM’s lowest-paid employees
    2. Competitiveness of the benefit plans with plans of peer and aspirant institutions
    3. Competitiveness of the benefit plans within the regional market
    4. Cost effectiveness of UVM’s benefit plans
  • To advise its constituent groups whenever appropriate of changes being contemplated, in advance of decisions to finalize them.
  • To submit a report to the University Community and other interested parties at the end of each academic year.

In addition, a Health Insurance Working Group (HIWG) will be established as follows:

The Office of Human Resources will establish a Health Insurance Working Group, including at least three (3) voting members of the UABC, to develop recommendations to the UABC for changes in the University’s health insurance offerings, in an effort to man-age costs, while continuing to provide outstanding benefits.

The HIWG will develop both short-term strategies and long-term initiatives, working cooperatively with insurers and providers to provide and preserve choice, access, equity and value for employees along with competitiveness, administrative simplicity, stability and cost controls.

In addition to the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Director of Benefits, the HIWG would seek participation from faculty and staff members with rele-vant professional expertise in the fields of economics and trend analysis as these relate to health care delivery and insurance.

Note: Recognizing that certain UVM employees are represented by certified bargaining units, neither the processes herein established or the outcomes are intended to, or will, operate in derogation of the collective bargaining rights of UVM or any certified bargaining representative of UVM employees, nor shall the discussions and exchanges of which the processes are comprised constitute bargaining with any group, organization, or individuals, on benefits matters.

Reported to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees on January 8, 2007 and issued by President Daniel Mark Fogel, January 25, 2007.

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