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Communication Principles

Building Conflict Resolution Skills

Facilitator: Stephen Lunna
Target Audience: Staff who want to build skills that can turn conflict into opportunities
Time Allotted: 2 hours
PeopleSoft Course Number: COM011

Overall Objectives: Conflict can arise from differences, both large and small. This session is designed to teach skills that will allow you to successfully resolve conflict by learning to manage stress, pay attention to feelings being expressed and control emotions and behavior. This session also teaches skills to foster awareness of and respect for differences. By learning skills for conflict resolution, you can keep your personal and professional relationships strong and growing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe and discuss behaviors that lead to conflict
  • Analyze ways to recognize stress that can trigger strong emotions
  • Recognize how emotional awareness plays a key role in conflict resolution
  • Identify guidelines for managing and resolving conflict

Pre and Post-Class Actions Required

Build Strong Working Relationships

Facilitator: Stephen Lunna
Target Audience:  Staff who want to build better work relationships with their peers and colleagues and are willing to examine and modify personal behaviors
Time Allotted: 2 hours
PeopleSoft Course Number: COM005

Overall Objectives: Effective communication strategies can help build strong working relationships. This interactive session will discuss rewarding and challenging working relationships and how you as an individual can influence both. This session will focus on self-awareness.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe behaviors that support or undermine successful working relationships
  • Analyze your personal style and discuss strengths  and opportunities
  • List three changes you can make that will have a positive influence on your working relationships
  • List specific strategies to influence difficult relationships

Pre and Post-Class Actions Required

Social Media @ UVM

Facilitator: Amanda Waite
Target Audience:  Anyone currently using or wanting to use social media in their department
Time Allotted: 2 hours
PeopleSoft Course Number: COM014

Overall Objectives: Are you managing a UVM social media account? Thinking about starting one for your department, office or other UVM group? Hear more about the social media landscape at the university, and learn opportunities and techniques for connecting with the campus community and beyond. This workshop will also allow time to share ideas for cross-collaboration among UVM social media channels and to connect with the people behind the account names.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the basics of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Understand the reasons for and against starting or keeping an account of your own
  • Understand the audiences of each of these networks
  • Learn about analytics tools to inform your use
  • Learn about the types of content that work in each venue

Pre and Post-Class Actions Required

Twitter 101

Facilitator: Amanda Waite
Target Audience:  UVM staff who are new to Twitter and would like to learn how to use it to promote and market their department.
PeopleSoft Course Number: COM013

Overall Objectives: Did you know more than 40 percent of our students are on Twitter? As well as our provost? Faculty are increasingly joining and even including use of the social media platform in their coursework. In this session, we'll talk about the basics of how Twitter works and discuss strategies for how you can use it to communicate about your program, department or college. Come with questions

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the basics of Twitter, including posting your own content and finding and leveraging others
  • Learn the anatomy of a tweet, from mentions to hashtags
  • Learn how images work on Twitter, including best practices in photo sizing
  • Learn how to engage with your audience, the foundation of good social media

Pre and Post-Class Actions Required

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